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mTeam - Team Management Module
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Category Modules
Submitted by mark
Author's Name
Mark Roper
Version 2.1.1
Wed Apr 21, 2010 10:43 am
Fri May 14, 2010 9:52 am

Team Management Module for DragonFly CMS.

This was a commercial module but having not sold a copy for a long time and no longer wishing to support it I've made it available for free.

* Upload the contents of the 'public_html' folder to your website

* Make sure the following folders are writable by the web server :-

* /modules/Team/configs
* /modules/Team/demos
* /modules/Team/images (and ALL it's sub-folders)

* Log in as Admin and go to Admin -> Modules

* Click the 'install' link for the 'Team' module

* Go to the module (click 'Team' in the module list) and config / setup as

* Activate the module


Set global options for the module here.

Create teams. Teams can be "sub-teams" of other teams so as to establish a
hierarchy, and they will be displayed on the main page according to this

You can assign admin permissions to users on a team by team basis, so team
leaders can manage their own team's affairs but not other teams.

You will need to create at least one game, but you can have as many as you like.
You should define the number of maps a game of this type usually plays, and you
can define up to 3 ID fields for players to record their unique ID's for this
game (for example Steam ID for Valve games, GUID for Quake3 based games etc.)

You can define custom fields to be used on a variety for screens for capturing
additional information not provided as standard by the module. This allows the
module to be extended considerably if required.

Teams need players, which you can create on this screen. Once you'e created
some players go back to the Teams page and add the players you've created to
the Teams they play for.

Events are used to catergories matches. You should create at least one Event.

Matches take place between Teams and Opponents, so you're going to want to
create at least one Opponent. Once you've created an Opponent you can edit them
and add Games and Servers (more than one of each of course if required).

Matches are played on Maps, so you'll want to create at least one Map.

Matches are played on Servers, and although you can add Servers to a Team or
an Opponent profile you can also create Servers that are not assigned to anyone,
like the generic "Home" and "Away" servers that are automatically created when
the module is installed.

Once you've created all the required Players / Teams / Opponents / Events etc.
you're ready to start creating fixtures.
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