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Mpic Questions

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Mpic Questions

Post Posted: Tue Mar 10, 2009 4:07 am

Hi Mark,
I have been asking folks to help get Copermine pictures added to My Account on DF website for a while but don't get any help. So I decided to use your Mpic and if everything works well, I'll transfer all my pictures from Copermine. I have installed it and I have a few questions which I could not figure out.

1. How do I change Pictures › Favourites on My Account to display pictures like what you have on your My Account? Right now they display vertically.

2. Do you know why on Pictures › Favourites works but not Picture > Submissions?

3. I have selected to use Lightbox on the cofig but the Lightbox does not seem to work.

Again as always, thanks a million!

By the way, thanks for those nice pictures. I always get stuck around there a lot! Smile


Mpic Questions

Post Posted: Tue Mar 10, 2009 8:01 am

1. The favourite picture block on My Account should display 3 across by 4 down by default. To change it you need to edit the block


There are 2 variables at the top

$across = 3; 
$down   = 4;

Change the numbers to whatever you like.

2. If you mean the submissions block in My Account it works fine for me. Make sure you have the latest version though (1.0.3) as there was a bug in the submission program (though I doubt it'd have any effect on the block).

3. Lightbox breaks quite easily if you have other javascript on your page. An easy cure is to initialise it on page load by editing your <body> tag, like so:-

<body onload="initLightbox()">

You'll find that in /themes/YOURTHEME/template/header.html

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