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Announcing the Content Module

Announcing the Content Module

Posted: Wed Jan 25, 2012 12:51 pm
Author: mark Location: England
I'm pleased to announce that a content module I've been developing and using myself for some time is now available.

This module is designed to handle all sorts of content, from text based articles such as News, FAQs, Blogs etc. to media based content such as Movies and Image galleries. When I first started using DragonFly CMS I was struck by the fact that although it was described as a CMS (Content Management System) it didn't actually provide many tools for managing content. Instead it came with a set of disparate modules such as News (still to this day pretty much unchanged since the PHP-Nuke version that it started life as) and Coppermine (still to this day not properly integrated as a true DragonFly module).

Different modules for different sorts of content, each with their own look and feel, each with separate admin interfaces, often duplicating each others features (News and Coppermine both provide the ability to comment on something, for example, but each has it's own comment system, which behave differently and store data in different tables).

And if you needed to add some form of content not catered for by the standard modules you'd need someone to write a new module for you, further increasing the differences and lack of integration between different areas of your website.

So I decided to produce a single content module that encompasses any kind of content into a single module, a kind of "one module to rule them all".

I decided to call the module "Content" even though there's already a DragonFly module written by someone else called "Content", because it's a true relfection of what it is and no-one who uses my Content module would need to use the other Content module on the same site. In fact this Content module effectively replaces News and Coppermine, and a few other non-standard modules, as well, probably.

The Content module is quite complicated, can take some settng up, and is based on several concepts that will definately need explaining, so I hope to populate this forum with information and help guides on this module as time permits.

For now the module is NOT available for direct download because I want to know who's using it. If you want it you can PM me asking for it and I'll send you a link where you can get it.

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