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Getting started guide

Post Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2013 2:14 pm

So, you've installed DragonFly, and you've installed the Content module, now how do you get stuff into it and display it on your website? Well, here's a very basic getting started guide to, well, get you started.

1. Create a category

The first thing you should do is create a category. You don't have to, the module comes with a default category (called Home) that you can add content to, but usually, assuming you're going to use the module for several types of content, perhaps split over several pages, it would be a good idea to create some categories (and sub-categories) to organise your content.

If you look on the home page of this website, over to the left and down a bit is a box entitled "Content Tree" (which is a standard block that comes with the module), which shows how content on this site is organised. Anything with a folder icon next to it is a category. Categories that are displayed inside other categories are sub-categories, and as you can see these can also contain other sub-categories, down to as many levels deep as you need.

To understand how to create a Category, read this :-;mid=760

For this getting started guide we'll assume you want to create a category for "News", in which case create a category with these settings :-

Sub-Category Of = Home
Title = News
Image = leave blank for now
Content = 1 Across, 10 Down
Sub-Categories = 0 Across, 0 Down
Display Sub-Category Items in Category Listing = No
Base Content Type = Text
Specific Content Type = Article
Template = article
Sort by = Date
Sort Order = Descending
Allow User to Change Sort = No

When you're ready, click the Add button.

2. Make this Category the default

By default the Content module will display the Home category, which won't contain anything except links to sub-categories (every top level category is a sub-category of Home). As we didn't provide an image for our News category this won't look very nice, so let's make News the default category instead.

Go to the Content module's Config page :-;mid=744

Set the config options like so :-

Get Home Page content from = set this to "Category"
Channel for Home Page = ignore this option
Category for Home Page = select "Home > News" from the drop-down list
Youtube type for Playlists = ignore this option
Display Item Blocks = set to "Right Blocks"

Click the Update button when you're done.

Now when you visit the module's default page (index.php?name=Content) you'll see the News category. It will be empty of course, but you'll see the title, and a search box over to the right, and underneath the title are some links.

3. Add some content

Click the "Submit" link underneath the title on your new "News" page. You'll see a form with the following fields :-

Type = this will be read only and contain the word "Article", because the properties for this category say content in this category is always this type.
Category = this will be read only and contain the word "News", because this was already pre-selected by the page you clicked "Submit" from.
Title = give this item a title
Thumbnail = leave this blank for now
Keywords = leave this blank for now
Short Text = enter some text
Extended Text = leave this blank for now
Allow Comments = ignore this for now

Click the Submit button at the bottom of the form and congratulations, you've just entered your first News item!

A box will appear asking if you want to submit another item, or view the one you've just entered. Carry on adding more News if you like, then go back to the module's default page and you'll see the News you entered, which hopefully will look something like this :-;cid=66

If you want this page to be your website's home page, go to Admin -> Modules and click the Set as Home link for the Content module.

This is a basic guide to creating a category and adding content to it. I'll do other guides for picture and movie galleries in due course, as well as how you can use Page Designer to create custom pages pulling content from several categories at once.

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